OPERATION CONDOR: South American Terror

Operation Condor

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……….In Operation Condor, an estimated 60,000+ people lost their lives in what became one of the deadliest political repression and terror operations in history. Another 30,000+ “disappeared” and over 400,000 more were arrested and imprisoned.

……….In 1975, the right-wing South American military [and para-military] dictatorships of Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay joined forces and conspired to eliminate their left-wing opposition and to suppress political and civil uprisings. Their plans included the trade of sensitive information and state secrets, as well as the kidnapping, torture and murder of their domestic foes and their fellow countrymen, women and children who left their respective countries in exile over the poor and dangerous living conditions. The genesis of the terror operations is said to trace back to Brazilian General BRENO BORGES FORTES, who suggested the plan at the September 3rd, 1973 Conference Of American Armies in Caracas, but considering that the corrupt U.S. government [and ThePowersThatBe who control that government] were involved, we can safely assume that they were the impetus behind Operation Condor.

……….Those 6 South American nations were not alone in their efforts. The United States government privately backed the clandestine operations, both financially and militarily, for their duration [SEE: Operation Charly]. Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and Peru later joined the efforts as well. The Italian and French governments also provided assistance behind the scenes.

……….Operation Condor used sheer violence to impose their agenda on the masses and their enemies. They had 3 main detention/torture centers:

 Esmeralda [BE-43], a massive Chilean Navy sea liner.

 Estadio Nacional Julio Martinez Pradanos, the national stadium of Chile. It has an official capacity of 47,000 people.

 Villa Grimaldi, Chile’s main detention and torture center and prison.

Operation Condor was a long time in the making, beginning decades earlier:

 In 1903, the U.S. backed Panama’s cessation from Colombia. The U.S. later profited from the construction of the Panama Canal.

► U.S. troops occupied Honduras from 1903 to 1925 in order to protect U.S. interests in the area.

 Beginning in 1948, Operation Bootstrap established a U.S. influence and base in Latin America.

Backed by the U.S., Paraguayan General ALFREDO STROESSNER took control of Paraguay in 1954.

 In 1954, the U.S. backed a coup d’etat in Guatemala, leading to a Guatemalan civil war which lasted nearly 4 decades. [SEE ALSO: Operation PBFORTUNE, Operation PBHistory, Operation Washtub]

► The U.S. government overthrew Dominican Republic President RAFAEL TRUJILLO on May 3rd, 1961.

The Brazilian military [backed by the U.S.] overthrew President JOAO GOULART in 1964.

With U.S. backing, Bolivian General HUGO BANZAR took control of Bolivia in 1971 through a series of coups.

Backed by the U.S., paramilitary forces loyal to General AUGUSTO PINOCHET bombed the Chilean Presidential palace on September 11th, 1973 [another 9/11!], overthrowing then-democratically-elected President SALVADOR ALLENDE. [SEE ALSO: Operation Colombo]

With U.S. backing, General JORGE RAFAEL VIDELA and his paramilitary forces seized power in Argentina on March 24th, 1976. [SEE ALSO: Argentinian Dirty War]

Major events in Operation Condor:

► The Caravan Of Death was a Chilean Army death squad that operated between September 30th and October 22nd of 1973. They murdered 97 people in cold blood.

► Socialist Party member VICTOR OLEA ALEGRIA “disappeared” on September 11th [the zionists LOVE this date!], 1974.

► Chilean General CARLOS PRATS were murdered by a car bomb on September 30th, 1974 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

► Paraguayan activist MARTIN ALMADA was arrested in 1974, jailed and tortured for 3 years.

► Chilean Socialist Party leader CARLOS ALTAMIRANO survived a failed assassination attempt in 1975.

► President of the Revolutionary Left Movement, ANDRES PASCAL ALLENDE, was assassinated in Costa Rica in March of 1976.

► Spanish diplomat CARMELO SORIA was assassinated on July 21st, 1976.

► CRECENCIO GALANEGA HERNANDEZ and JESUS CEJAS ARIAS, Cuban diplomats in Argentina, “disappeared” on August 9th, 1976.

► Ex-Brazilian President JUSCELINO KUBITSCHEK was assassinated on August 22nd, 1976 in a car “accident.”

► Former Chilean minister and political activist ORLANDO LETELIER and his assistant, RONNI MOFFITT, were murdered by a car bomb on September 21st, 1976.

► Left-wing opposition leaders JORGE ZAFFARONI and MARIA EMILIA ISLAS DE ZAFFARONI [of the Tupamaros National Liberation Movement] were kidnapped in Buenos Aires by the Argentinian Army’s 601 Intelligence Battalion on September 29th, 1976.

► Chilean Employment Minister BERNARDO LEIGHTON and his wife survived a failed assassination attempt on October 5th, 1976 while in exile in Rome.

► After being overthrown, ex-Brazilian President JOAO GOULART died in his sleep on December 6th, 1976 after being poisoned.

► In April of 1977, Las Madres De La Plaza De Mayo, a group of mothers whose children has been abducted in Operation Condor, began publicly demonstrating against the Argentinian military dictatorship. Several of the groups members and leaders later “disappeared” and were murdered. 

In 1977, Argentina enlisted the help of German Nazi war criminal KLAUS BARBIE and Italian Operation Gladio operative STEFANO DELLE CHIAIE to help assist Bolivian General LUIS GARCIA MEZA TEJADA in his “Cocaine Coup” in Bolivia.

► DAGMAR INGRID HAGELIN, a 17-year-old Swedish National, was kidnapped and shot by a member of the Argentinian Navy in 1977. He later “disappeared.”

► In November of 1978, an event known as O Sequestro Dos Uruguaios [or The Kidnapping Of The Uruguayans] took place in Uruguay. The Brazilian military crossed into Uruguay and kidnapped Uruguayan political activists UNIVERSINDO RODRIGUEZ, LILIAN CELIBERTI and their two small children, CAMILO [age 5] and FRANCESCA [age 3]. Tipped off by an anonymous phone call, reporter LUIS CLAUDIO CUNHA and photographer JOAO BAPTISTA SCALCO from Veja Magazine were informed of the activists’ disappearances. They publicly reported on the kidnappings, exposing the clandestine operations and saved the lives of the activists, who were held in captivity until democracy was restored in Uruguay in 1984.

► The U.S. backed a civil war in El Salvador from 1979 to 1992 [SEE ALSO: Operation Kufire, Operation Kugown]

► In the late 1970‘s, Operacion Silencio [or Operation Silence] was initiated. It was a clandestine Chilean operation designed to impede investigations into Operation Condor by Chilean judges by forcefully removing witnesses from the country. It went on for decades.

► In the 1970‘s, the U.S. backed a revolutionary war in Nicaragua, leading to the Contra War. The U.S. further attempted to overthrow the government until 1990.

► EDGARDO ENRIQUEZ, leader of the Chilean Revolutionary Left Movement, “disappeared” in the late 1970‘s, along with fellow members JORGE FUENTES, ALEXEI JACCARD and RICARDO RAMIREZ.

► British businessman WILLIAM BEAUSIRE was abducted and tortured in Chile, then he “disappeared.”

► The Uruguayan military dictatorship threatened to assassinate U.S. Congressman EDWARD KOCH for impeding Operation Condor.

► Renown poet JUAN GELMAN had his son and pregnant daughter-in-law imprisoned in Uruguay. Their baby was born in prison and confiscated by the Uruguayan military.

The aftermath of Operation Condor:

……….Operation Condor “officially” came to a close following The Falklands War when Argentina finally ousted its military dictatorship in 1983 and installed a democratically-elected government [the U.S. using war to “spread democracy,” . . sound familiar?]. [Though the operations were not completely over, SEE: Operation Central]

……….The operation permanently destabilized Latin America, leading to decades of violence and unrest that continue to this day. [SEE: 2002 Venezuelan Coup D’etat, 2014 Venezuelan Protests]

……….While nearly all of those who participated in these sickening displays of human rights abuses and crimes against humanity have gotten of scot-free, there were some exceptions:

► Former U.S. Secretary of State HENRY KISSINGER is facing extradition to Chile and criminal prosecution for his role in the 1973 Chilean coup d’etat. [SEE: The Dirty War In Argentina, Salvadoran Civil War]

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……….Stay conscious my friends.



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