Scotland’s Vote For Independence Was RIGGED!

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……….Scotland’s September 18th, 2014 referendum was RIGGED! The people of Scotland convened to vote on whether or not Scotland should leave the United Kingdom and become its own independent nation, but the outcome was pre-determined. The “official” result was NO: 55.3% and YES: 44.7%.

……….97% of the 4,283,392-person electorate was registered to vote and 3,623,344 votes were supposedly “cast” [not that they counted or anything]. The referendum was a FRAUD! The voting age in Scotland is SIXTEEN. Children as young as THREE were even registered to vote in the referendum. Many citizens believed that MI5 spies were working with the British government to not only RIG the election, but to quell the voices of those calling for Scottish independence.

……….NUMEROUS videos have surfaced showing election fraud.

……….Law enforcement is investigating NUMEROUS cases of voter fraud in Glasgow, where people where voting multiple times and pretending to be different people. Some HONEST citizens showed up at the polls and found that someone had already cast a vote in their name. One voting location was evacuated mid-vote after someone pulled a fire alarm. Many pro-independence voters were even publicly intimidated.

……….After the disappointing results of the referendum were made public, numerous public protests occurred throughout Scotland. The writing is on the wall: THE PEOPLE OF SCOTLAND WANTED INDEPENDENCE FROM THE UNITED KINGDOM AND THEY WERE DENIED IT. The bullshit “result” of the “vote” prompted calls for the U.K. to allot its constituent nations more freedoms and powers. ALEX SALMOND, Scotland’s First Minister and leader of the Scottish National Party, stepped down in protest following the referendum.


……….What prompted ThePowersThatBe to rig the vote? MONEY, POWER and CONTROL! Specifically: OIL and NATURAL GAS. Just prior to the referendum, it was revealed that with the utilization of new U.S.-developed extraction techniques, the amount of Scotland’s North Sea offshore oil and natural gas reserves skyrocketed to THREE TIMES their previous amounts that were estimated using current extraction techniques, growing from an estimated 24 BILLION barrels to over 70 BILLION barrels, with a market value between £3 TRILLION – £7 TRILLION.

……….Since Scotland is still a part of the United Kingdom, those oil and natural gas reserves are worth nearly £600 BILLION in tax revenue. Always follow the money! Stay conscious my friends.

[Originally published on September 21st, 2014]





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