MJ-12: The MAJIC Projects


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……….MAJIC [Majority Agency for Joint Intelligence Controlled], sometimes referred to as MAJESTIC-12, is an umbrella code-name for a group of clandestine, rogue U.S. military projects, operations and organizations that were first authorized by U.S. President HARRY TRUMAN on September 24th, 1947. MJ-12 and its participants have taken it upon themselves to engage in unlawful dangerous operations which have not only put the U.S. at risk, but the entire planet. Their actions constitute nothing less than an assault on the entire human race.

……….The MAJIC Projects include [in descending alphabetical order]:

 The NRO [National Reconnaissance Office]: Based in Fort Carson, Colorado, it is responsible for the security of all of the ET [extraterrestrial] crafts which are connected to the project under MAJIC.

   —► DELTA: A specific branch of the NRO which deals with ET-related projects and security.

   —► LUNA [a.k.a. “The Men In Black]: A specific branch of the NRO which deals with the security of ET’s and ET-related projects.

Project AQUARIUS: Established in 1953 under the umbrella of MAJESTIC & Project SIGN, its mission is to gather scientific, medical and scientific information from all UFO [unidentified flying objects] & ET sightings and contact with humans. The project contains all of the information on ET’s and UFO’s that has been collected since the U.S. first began its investigations. It became an independent project after the cessation of Project SIGN in 1960.

—► Project PLATO: Under the umbrella of Project AQUARIUS, it was established in 1960 to communicate with and establish diplomatic relations with ET’s. It reportedly facilitates peace agreements between ET’s and the U.S. government which were designed to prevent ET hostility toward humans. The project also put forth an agreement between ET’s and the U.S. government which allowed malevolent ET’s to abduct humans and animals in order to provide blood, bodily organs and substances, such as food, for the ET’s. The ET’s would give the U.S. government advanced technologies in exchange for the U.S. not interfering with the ET’s actions.

—► Project REDLIGHT: Under the umbrella of Project AQUARIUS, its mission was to recover and reverse-engineer crashed and downed ET crafts. Test flights of the recovered crafts were performed in the Area 51 / Groom Lake / Dreamland area in the Nevada desert. It was terminated in 1963 after every single recovered craft exploded during its test flight which the U.S. military performed on it. There were no survivors among the human test-pilots. The project was resumed in 1972.

—► Project SIGMA: Under the umbrella of Project AQUARIUS, it was established in 1954 as part of Project SIGN. Its mission is to establish communication with ET’s. They reportedly first established ET communication in 1959 using a binary computer language. On April 25th, 1964, the USAF [United States Air Force] reportedly met with ET’s in the New Mexico desert to exchange information. This project separates ET’s into 3 categories: Benevolent, Malevolent or Neutral.

—► Project SNOWBIRD: Under the umbrella of Project AQUARIUS, its mission is to fly and recover ET crafts and reverse-engineer ET technology. It was also a cover for Project REDLIGHT, unveiling a “flying saucer“-type craft which was built using conventional technology to act as mis/disinformation to the public in an attempt to relegate legitimate UFO sightings to sightings of these conventional aircraft. A report called the Grudge/BLUE Book [Report Number 13] was the only significant information to come from the project.

Project BLUE BOOK: It was established to determine whether or not UFO’s posed a threat to U.S. national security and to extract unique scientific information and advanced technologies from UFO’s. The project’s secondary mission was to explain away UFO phenomena to the public as naturally-occurring and known phenomena in order to quell public interest in the topic. It was eventually abandoned and absorbed by Project AQUARIUS in 1969.

Project BLUE TEAM: This USAF Material Command project was responsible for the reaction to and recovery of crashed and downed ET crafts and their occupants.

Project CHATTER: Established in 1947 to study the effects of drugs on interrogations.

Project EXCALIBUR: It’s mission is to develop a weapons system that can destroy the underground bases which the ET’s have established here on Earth, such as the Dulce Base underneath Dulce, New Mexico. Such devices must be capable of penetrating 1,000 meters of hard-packed soil and carry a 1-megaton warhead.

Project GABRIEL: It was established to develop a high-frequency sound-generating weapon that used microwave projections to assault and defend against ET crafts.

Project GARNET: This project is responsible for the control and accountability of all information and documents regarding ET subjects.

Project GLEEM: An earlier version of Project BLUE BOOK, it was established to evaluate the threat level of ET’s.

Project GRUDGE: It was established to collect scientific, medical, technological and intelligence data from ET and UFO sightings. The collected information has been used to contribute to the proliferation and advancement of the USAF.

Project JOSHUA: It was established to develop a low-frequency pulsed sound-generating weapon. It was developed from 1975 to 1978 and assembled at Ling-Tempco-Vought in Anaheim, California. It can level any man-made structure from a distance of 2 miles. It was tested at White Sands missile base in New Mexico. The project was later housed in the Grand Hotel, across the street from Disneyland.

Project MAGNET: Established by the Canadian DOT [Department of Transport] in 1950, it studied UFO’s and applied their findings on the subject of geomagnetism to exploiting the Earth’s magnetic field as a source of vehicle propulsion.

Project MK-DELTA: It studied mind-control and interrogation techniques.

Project MK-NAOMI: It studied the effects of biological warfare agents on humans.

Project MK-ULTRA: It was established to discover a means of conditioning personnel to prevent unauthorized extraction of information from them by known means, to investigate the possibility of control of an individual by application of special interrogation techniques, to investigate memory enhancement and to establish defensive means for preventing hostile control of agency personnel. It has roughly 149 sub-projects.

 —► Project BLUEBIRD: It studied hypnosis and drug addiction to induce  amnesia and vulnerable states. It was later renamed Project ARTICHOKE.

 —► Project BUTTERFLY

 —► Project MONARCH: It had 6 levels of programming, including ALPHA, BETA, DELTA, THETA, OMEGA & GAMMA.

Project PAPERCLIP: It was established to extract German (mainly Nazi) scientists from Germany during World War 2 and utilize their intelligence to proliferate and advance the U.S.

Project PLUTO: Established in 1947 following the Roswell incident, its goals are to recover all downed and crashed ET crafts on the Earth’s surface, evidence of ET presence on Earth, ET technologies and ET bodies from crash sites. They feed the media mis/disinformation to hide their actions from the public eye. The project was tasked with identifying, categorizing and studying ET biological intelligence. Agents operating under the project’s umbrella are authorized to use deadly force and forced relocation on both ET’s and humans.

—► Operation BLUEFLY: Under the umbrella of Project PLUTO, it created ALPHA Teams [quick-reaction combat teams], provided mechanical and technological support for UFO recoveries and provided rapid, secure transport of recovered UFO’s and ET’s to secure storage and examination areas. They also utilize their services for the recovery of man-made space hardware and nuclear devices.

—► Operation MOONDUST: Under the umbrella of Project PLUTO, it aimed to provide a cover which would neutralize public interest in UFO’s and ET’s, especially during the recovery of downed and crashed ET UFO’s. It was made public under the guise of recovering U.S.-made space hardware which had fallen to Earth.

—► Operation UFO: Under the umbrella of Project PLUTO, it formed intelligence teams versed on knowledge of ET’s and are the first-responders to downed and crashed ET UFO’s on Earth’s surface. Their mission was to secure ET technology and to keep it from falling into foreign hands, especially the Soviets.

Project POUNCE: Established in 1968, it’s mission is to evaluate ET and space technologies. Their goal is to replicate and/or build upon recovered ET technologies, thus rendering the U.S. a global superpower. They use mis/disinformation to cover and hide their actions from the public.

Project PULSAR: It studied all aspects of ET’s.

Project PRESERVE DESTINY: This project established and maintained communication with ET’s.

Project SIGN: It was responsible for the collection of ET intelligence (data) and was tasked with determining whether or not specific ET’s posed a threat to U.S. or global security. This joint USAF & CIA project eventually absorbed Project BLUE TEAM and, later, was absorbed by Project AQUARIUS. This project referred to ET’s as “biological entities.” It stripped the U.S. Army & USAF of their control over all of the ET projects and placed control under the umbrella of the U.S. intelligence agencies.

Project SERPO / CRYSTAL KNIGHT: These joint projects were launched after the Roswell incident with the goal of exchanging human and ET ambassadors to their respective planets. [Earth and a planet within the Zeta Reticulum Rhomboidalis constellation in the case of the Roswell ET’s]. They ran from 1954 to 1978.

The Scientific Study Of Unidentified Flying Objects [The Condon Report]: Chaired by Dr. EDWARD U. CONDON, this study was conducted at the University of Colorado in 1966. In the spirit of mis/disinformation, the study “concluded” that nothing has come from the study of UFO’s which has furthered scientific knowledge.

……….Stay conscious my friends.



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