THE SYSTEM: Connecting The Dots Amongst Psy-Ops, False Flags, Crisis Actors & Media Manipulation


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……….We’re ALL being LIED to . . . The mainstream media is a tool of DECEPTION, and that is by designAny time that you watch or listen to the BULLSHIT that is spewed from CNN, FOX News, MSNBC, The Associated Press, CBS News, Reuters, ABC News, Breitbart, BBC, etc., you are not being given “news,” but rather a concocted batch of LIES and PROPAGANDA that is designed to steer the masses toward whichever way the ELITES’ political views / coin purse seems to be swaying at that given moment and to dupe viewers and listeners into being complicit to the wars of bankster and old men.

……….CRISIS ACTORS are an integral part of the psy-ops [psychological operations] and false flag operations that ThePowersThatBe [THINK: Globalists, CIA, Banking Elite, Captains of Industry, Religious Elite, Military Commanders, Israeli Mossad, Zionists, etc.] are perpetrating on the masses. They are a prime example of MEDIA  MANIPULATION at it’s [finest] worst.

……….Here are some texts, articles and web pages that can help to make this picture a little more clear:

Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy Of The Mass Media (Edward S. Herman & Noam Chomsky) [PDF @ 3.96 MB]

United Kingdom Psychological Operations Group Annual Report: 2007 – 2008 [PDF @ 4.00 MB]

Information Operations And Counter-Propaganda: Making A Weapon Of Public Affairs (W. C. Garrison) [PDF @ 1.14 MB]

► “CNN Crisis Actor Revealed (Jeffrey Phelps)

“Crisis Actors” on Twitter.

► OFFICIAL U.S. Army job listings for Psychological Operations Officers and Specialists.

► OFFICIAL U.S. Department of Homeland Security website forExercises And Evaluations [a.k.a.: psy-ops / false flags]. A breakdown of their programs and operations can be found in the April 2013 edition of the U.S. Homeland Security Exercise And Evaluation Program manual [PDF @ 717 KB].

► “10 False Flag Operations That Shaped Our World(Joe Crubaugh)

► “These False Flags Were Used To Start A War

► “A Brief History Of False Flag Attacks: Why Government Loves State-Sponsored Terror (Kurt Nimmo)

► “History Of American False Flag Operations

……….Crisis actor “ADRIANA VICTORIA MUNOZ / “BARBARA STARR is a prime example of this manipulation. She has consistently been interviewed by the mainstream media as a “witness” to numerous FALSE  FLAG events:


……….She has portrayed:

1) A supposed “friend” of NANCY LANZA” [more on her later], the “mother of ADAM LANZA” [the supposed perpetrator of the Sandy Hook false flag / psy-op].

2) “witness” to the Watertown shooting in Massachusetts.

3) A “witness” to the Boston Marathon false flag / psy-op.

……….Per one of her fake online profiles, she is reportedly a former employee of the Colombian national government [here is the ENGLISH TRANSLATION of the article via Google Translate].

……….She also has a fake online persona as a “poet.” Her original profile at the Riverwood Poetry Series website has since been taken down, but she is referenced on multiple other pages.




……….She also has a profile as CNN Pentagon Correspondent BARBARA STARR[any time that a “government official” enters the mix of crisis actor personas, BULLSHIT ALARMS should be triggered en masse]. Here is “her” Twitter account.


……….In the following video, she appears on CNN as BARBARA STARR, telling the masses that Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370  “crashed into the Indian Ocean [perpetuating yet ANOTHER false flag event]:

……….This woman has appeared at MULTIPLE false flag events and helped to perpetuate MULTIPLE psy-ops in the U.S. mainstream media. She may also have ties to THE PENTAGON and a FOREIGN GOVERNMENT. Are the dots starting to connect yet, as far as what the ROLE of a crisis actor is? And MUNOZ” / “STARR is not the only one in the mix. Sandy Hook’s fictitious NANCY LANZA is reportedly crisis actor ANNIE HADAD.”


……….Many people believe that JENNIFER SEXTON GREENBERG” / “LAURA PHELPS is a crisis actor, as she has appeared and been interviewed by the mainstream media as a “mother” and “grieving friend” at the Sandy Hook false flag and as a “lawyer” and “police officer” in Aurora, Colorado’s Batman theater shooting  false flag. In the following video, the ACTRESS can be seen flaunting her acting chops in a stage performance:







……….KAITLYN ROIG” / “REBEKA FERNANDEZ” / “RILEY HARMON was another crisis actor who was involved in the Sandy Hook false flag / psy-op.



……….We also have ALEX ISRAEL / KATE DUPING.  She most recently portrayed “JAMES FOLEY‘s sister: KATE DUPING” [yet ANOTHER false flag / psy-op]. She also portrayed “ADAM LANZA‘s school mate: ALEX ISRAEL” in the Sandy Hook false flag.


……….The mainstream media ITSELF has ADMITTED that the video of JAMES FOLEY being executed was staged!

……….Also, FOLEY‘s first FAKED “kidnapping” was an impetus for the U.S.’ invasion of Libya and the overthrowing of MUAMMAR GADAFFI, ending the leader’s decades-long holdout against Zionism and facilitating the instillation of a ROTHSCHILD CENTRAL BANK. FOLEY‘s NEXT faked kidnapping spurred the U.S. to invade Syria and attempt to overthrow leader BASHAR AL-ASSAD. ThePowersThatBe are WELL on their way to fully implementing The BERNARD LEWIS Plan.”

……….Back to crisis actors. When it comes to DAWN LAFFERTY HOCHSPRUNG” / “DONNA BRUCE,”  it was most definitely NOT an open-and-shut case. “DAWN LAFFERTY HOCHSPRUNG” was the Sandy Hook Elementary School Principal who was supposedly “shot and murdered.” She was ALSO shown on FOX News as “DONNA BRUCE: victim at the Boston Marathon” false flag bombings. This was WRONG. The news outlet [“accidentally”] showed “HOCHSPRUNG‘s” picture when they “meant” to show that of DONNA BRUCE.” I believe that they did so on purpose in order to confuse the masses and implement the strategy of DIVIDE & CONQUER amongst their viewers.




……….The point of the “shooting” false flag events is to gain public support for the disarmament of the masses. EVERY time one of these “shootings” “happens,” we are inundated with copious amounts of over-zealous and overreaching gun control legislation.

……….The goal of the “bombing” false flag events is usually to deprive citizens of their personal privacy and freedoms by spurring the implementation of laws, regulations and ordinances that encroach on our personal and civil liberties, as well acclimating the masses to the implementation of the POLICE  STATE.

……….I urge you ALL to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and QUESTION EVERYTHING.  Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman



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