JOHN TODD: Illuminati And Witchcraft Exposed


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……….JOHN TODD claimed to be a former witch, satanic high priest and high ranking member of the Illuminati. Upon leaving the dark side in the 1970‘s, he subscribed to Christianity and dedicated his life to revealing the Satanic agenda that is subverting this world in its attempt to control it. He was later drugged, falsely imprisoned and locked in a mental health facility in attempts to discredit him. He was never heard from again.


………..JOHN TODD was originally born LANCE COLLINS. He is said to have been born into a family with deep occult roots, where he was initiated into witchcraft at age 14. He purportedly served in the U.S. Army and Navy, where is said to have organized numerous witch covens.

……….In May of 1971, TODD is said to have become a Grand Druid High Priest and was put in charge of a 13 state area of the U.S., with his headquarters based out of San Antonio, Texas. He claimed that 90% of the politicians in that area received financial support and took orders from the occult.

……….In August of 1972, TODD purportedly saw an Illuminati chart which spelled out their plan for taking over the world. The plan is said to have included electing JIMMY CARTER president of the U.S., taking guns away from citizens, removing the tax-exempt status from churches, enacting martial law, outlawing the storage of food, water and medical supplies, having Israel start World War 3 by battling over petrol fuels, farmlands and chemicals, destroying the monetary system, destroying crops and much more.

……….After leaving the occult, TODD set about traveling the U.S. to spread the word about the evils of the occult and the Illuminati’s plans to take over the world. After a few years of witnessing to churches and Christian circles, TODD was reportedly drugged, kidnapped by the Illuminati and falsely imprisoned. There are numerous reports of TODD‘s death, including that he was murdered in the Fall of 1979, that he was murdered in 1994 upon being released from his false imprisonment and that he was murdered in 2007 while being held in a behavioral disorder treatment unit in South Carolina.

Audio Tracks:

Tape 1A: JOHN‘s testimony of deliverance from the occult and the evils of witchcraft. [43 minute MP3 @ 6.1 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 1B: Music and spells. [44 minute MP3 @ 4.3 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 2A: The dangers of fortune telling, familiar spirits, C.S. LEWIS, J.R.R. TOLKIEN and more. [43 minute MP3 @ 4.2 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 2B: CHARLES MANSON, the SHARON TATE murder, process church, epilepsy, UFO’s, demon possession, JIMMY CARTER and more. [40 minute MP3 @ 3.8 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 3A: What are the Illuminati, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, what 33rd degree Masons believe about LUCIFER and more. [43 minute MP3 @ 4.2 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 3B: What is the Illuminati and who leads it, the charismatic movement, CHUCK SMITH, JESUS rock, the JOHN BIRCH Society, Freemasons, the purpose of rock music and more. [40 minute MP3 @ 4.4 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 4A: How to survive. [43 minute MP3 @ 4.6 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 4B: Masons and salvation messages by pastors. [76 minute MP3 @ 9.1 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 5A: Testimony about the occult world, the Illuminati, the COLLINS family, the introduction of witchcraft to America and more. [41 minute MP3 @ 6.1 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 5B: Salvation testimony, deliverance from fear based on 2 Timothy 1:7, rock music, the ‘Book of Mormon’ based on the witchcraft bible’s ‘Book of Shadows,’ witchcraft symbols used in jewelry, Catholic mass compared to witchcraft, why JFK was killed and more. [39 minute MP3 @ 4.3 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 6A: JOHN‘s history as a witch and the doctrine and evils of television. [43 minute MP3 @ 4.7 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 6B: The details of JOHN‘s life in the occult, evils, addiction and the purpose of rock music. [36 minute MP3 @ 3.5 MB] (Text Transcript PDF)

Tape 7A

Tape 7B

JOHN TODD on recording studios.

JOHN TODD on charismatic music.

JOHN TODD’s testimony.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

JOHN‘s testimony from prison

Publications By JOHN TODD COLLINS:


Angel Of Light

The Broken Cross

……….Stay conscious my friends.






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