What’s Going To Happen In [Or By] 2025?


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……….I was recently going through my collection of documents and found that ONE particular date stuck out like a sore thumb [and no, it’s not December 21st, 2012]:

● “Army Operating Concept And Force 2025 & Beyond

● “Army Vision: Force 2025 And Beyond

● “Army Vision: Force 2025 [White Paper]

● “Defining Force 2025

● “Force 2025 & Beyond: Investing To Secure The Future

● “Force 2025 And Beyond: Setting The Course

● “Force 2025 And Beyond: Unified Land Operations [Win In A Complex World]

● “Force 2025 Maneuvers: White Paper

● “Future Strategic Issues / Future Warfare [Circa 2025]

● “Global Governance 2025: At A Critical Juncture

● “Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World

● “The Megacity: Operational Challenges For Force 2025 And Beyond [Army Chief Of Staff’s Future Study Plan]

● “Strategic Landpower And Force 2025 And Beyond: Implications For Technology

● “Weather As A Force Multiplier: Owning The Weather In 2025

……….These documents all point to ONE particular year: 2025.

……….ThePowersThatBe also have things in the works for the years surrounding 2025:

Army Intelligence 2020 And Beyond

● “Future Soldier 2030 Initiative

U.S. Space Command: Vision For 2020

……….What is so special about 2025?  Well, I’m not sure yet, but let’s look take a look:

● The global population is on course to reach 8 BILLION by 2025. What will this mean for our already-strained natural resources? But those numbers may very well CHANGE. According to global military news website DEAGEL, between 2013 and 2025, the global population will DECREASE by around 3% and the United States population will DECREASE by around 78%.

CLICK Image For Source.

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● China is planning a manned mission to the moon in 2025. How will this affect the balance of power between space-faring nations and their militaries?


● A permanent human colony is expected to be established on Mars in 2025.


● The fabrication of complete, functional 3D-printed organs is expected to be possible by 2025. What will this mean for the future of medicine?

● According to the International Academy of Astronautics, we could very well have low-orbit Space Elevators in place by 2025.

Space Elevator


● Robotics and Artificial Intelligence are expected to permeate nearly EVERY aspect of our lives by 2025.

● In JOHN CARPENTER‘s 1988 movie They Live,” the year 2025 is eerily foreshadowed.

They Live

2025 will mark the 1,700th anniversary of the first Council of Nicea.

● Austerity measures will force another 25 MILLION Europeans into poverty by 2025.

● By 2025, more than 50% of the Earth’s natural landscape will be used up, possibly causing the ecological web that sustains humanity to collapse beyond repair.


● The U.S. Air Force will be employing the use of hypersonic weapons in 2025. What will this mean for the future of warfare?

……….I also came across an article about a man named ALFRED BIELEK [R.I.P. October 2011] who claims to have been a part of the Montauk Project. Similar to the Philadelphia   Experiment under Project Rainbow and the Phoenix   Project, it was a secret U.S. government project exploring time travel, cloaking and teleportation. The project was said to have taken place at Camp Hero on the Montauk Air Force Base in Long Island, New York. Like other claims of time travel and the sort, I take them with a grain of salt.

……….In the article, BIELEK claims to have traveled as far forward in time as 2749. He stated that in the 21st century, our planet underwent geographical changes until the year [you guessed it] 2025.

● In Hindu philosophy, the Ascending Kali Yuga [Iron Age], the 2,700-year-long epoch in which we are currently living, will come to an end in 2025.

● Numerous near-Earth objects will be passing close to Earth in 2025.

● The global energy market could be facing a massive oil shortage by 2025, helping to bring an end to the U.S.’ global military power, possibly making way for a Chinese take-over.

● The dominance of the U.S.’ petrodollar is expected to decline by 2025, paving the way for other currencies to take the reigns as the global reserve currency. The zionist state of Israel plans to cut oil use in transportation by 60% by 2025. Does this spell an end to the petrodollar?

● Global wealth is expected to move heavily from the West to the East, being concentrated mainly under state control. What will this mean for the U.S.’ dominance as a world power?

● Some biblical scholars believe that a series of great tribulation cycles will climax in 2025.

● A partial solar eclipse is expected to occur on September 21st, 2025.

● Astrologically speaking, Neptune will be in Pisces until 2025.

● The United States Army‘s Capabilities Integration Center is making special preparations for 2025 with a special military program called Force 2025 And Beyond.”

● The size of the United Nations’ Security Council is expected to double from 15 nations to 30 by 2025.


[ ^ CLICK image for more information }

● Fresh water is expected to become increasingly scarce by 2025.

● Only 6 national economies are expected to account for HALF of all global economic growth.

……….Separately, all of these facts might not mean much. But together, what will they mean for 2025 and what will that year have in store for us?

……….Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman

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