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……….Have you ever heard it said that we “live in a matrix“? What exactly IS a “matrix”? If true, are we relegated to a life inside of that matrix, or is it possible to “UNLOCK” or “HACK” it? These questions may seem rather open-ended, but this article aims not only to answer them, but to prove, without a shadow of a doubt, that it IS possible to UNLOCK THE MATRIX — no matter how you choose to define it.

……….In the simplest of terms, a matrix is any array of numbers, symbols or expressions that are arranged in linear rows and columns. But as is often the case, what at first seems simple is often the most complex.

……….What are some examples of the constituents of a matrix? Well, along with words and numbers, things like molecules comprise matrices [the plural form of “matrix”]. But a single molecule is a matrix in its own right, as it is comprised of multiple atoms. A single atom is a matrix in its own right, as it is comprised of multiple subatomic particles such as protons and neutrons. Single protons and neutrons are matrices in their own right, as they are comprised of multiple smaller items such as quarks, leptons and bosons.

……….On a larger scale, things like people, corporations, communities, societies and even nations comprise matrices. Smaller matrices comprise larger ones, ad infinitum. Starting to see the bigger picture yet? Virtually ANYTHING and EVERYTHING is a matrix! Those matrices can be added, subtracted, multiplied and divided. They can also be UNLOCKED and HACKED.


……….But just how do we unlock and hack a matrix? The first step is realizing that we DO live in a matrix / matrices. And not just a PHYSICAL matrix, but MENTAL and SPIRITUAL ones as well [which together comprise an even BIGGER and MORE COMPLEX matrix/matrices]. This is not just a matter of philosophy, but one of science. Leading physicists have designed experiments to PROVE that we actually do live in a matrix / matrices. Once you have accepted that fact, we can get to work on hacking those matrices in order to make them work to the best of our advantage. Here are some ways to unlock the matrices that you live in:


● Your normal state of consciousness and everything that comes along with it can be viewed as a “matrix.” To unlock or hack that matrix, we must ALTER that state of consciousness.

● A wise man [the wisest and most innovative to have ever lived, in this writer’s opinion] once said that in order to discover the secrets of the universe, we must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Considering that a frequency is a measure of the vibrations that are caused by the energy of movement, he was CLEARLY on to something. According to the Law of Vibration, EVERYTHING vibrates and contains ENERGY, and thus EVERYTHING has a measurable frequency, which is generally measured in “Hertz” [Hz].

● Different frequencies affect people and objects in different ways [some good and some bad]. Specific frequencies [such as listening to music, for example] can not only change peoples’ “moods,” but they are capable of inducing specific, predictable and measurable physiological and psychological responses and can alter a person’s [or even GROUP’s] state of consciousness by inducing specific brain wave patterns.

DELTA Brain Waves [0.5 – 4 Hz]

● 0.5 Hz Promotes relaxation & helps soothe headaches.
● 0.5 – 1.5 Hz – Helps relieve pain & release endorphins [endogenous opiates].
● 0.9 HzInduces feelings of euphoria.
● 1 HzPromotes well-being, harmony, relaxation, balance & induces a trance-like state.
● 2.5 HzIncreases the production of endorphins that kill pain & reduce anxiety.
● 2.5 HzRelieves migraine pain & produces endorphins.
● 3.4 Hz
– Helps to achieve restful sleep, tranquility & peace.
● 3.5 Hz
Promotes feelings of unity with everything & whole-body regeneration.
● 3.9 HzPromotes self-renewal & enhanced inner awareness.
● 4 Hz
Releases enkephalin to reduce stress, kill pain, increase learning & problem-solving abilities & improves memory.

THETA Brain Waves [4 – 8 Hz]

● 4 HzPromotes extrasensory perception [ESP].
● 4.5 HzInduces a Shamanic / Tibetan state of consciousness.
● 4.9 Hz – Induces relaxation, deep sleep, introspection, relaxation & meditation.
● 5 HzReduces the amount of sleep required by replacing the need for extensive dreaming.
● 5.35 HzAllows free, efficient & relaxing breathing.
● 5.5 Hz Promotes inner guidance & increases intuition.
6.3 HzAllows for astral projection, accelerated learning & increased memory retention.
● 6.5 HzActivates the creative frontal lobe.
● 7.5 HzActivates creative thought for art, invention, music, & increases problem-solving skills. Eases the overcoming of troublesome issues.
● 7.83 HzPromotes a grounding & meditative state. Leaves you revitalized.
● 3 – 8 Hz Promotes deep relaxation, meditation & lucid dreaming. Increases memory, focus & creativity.
● 4 – 7 HzPromotes profound inner peace & emotional healing. Lowers mental fatigue & induces deep meditation.

ALPHA Brain Waves [8 – 13 Hz]

● 8 – 10 Hz Allows for the super-learning of new information & increases memorization ability.
● 8.22 HzPromotes creativity.
● 8.3
Hz Increases the mental visualization of physical objects.
● 10 Hz
Increases serotonin release, elevates mood, arousal & stimulation. Provides relief from lost sleep & improves mood. Reduces headaches, increases mental clarity & subconscious correlation.
● 10.5 HzPromotes body healing & increased mind/body unity.
● 11 HzInduces a relaxed state.
 12 HzPromotes centering & mental stability.
● 11 – 14 Hz Increases focus & awareness.
● 12 – 14 Hz Increases learning ability.

BETA Brain Waves [13 – 39 Hz]

● 14 HzIncreases awareness, alertness, concentration on tasks, focusing & vitality.
● 16 Hz
Increases the release of oxygen & calcium into cells.
● 12 – 15 Hz
Promotes relaxed focus & improves attentive abilities.
● 13 – 27 HzPromotes focused attention toward external stimuli.
● 13 – 30 Hz Increases problem-solving  skills & conscious thinking.
● 18 – 24 HzInduces euphoria.
● 33 HzInduces CHRIST Consciousness.
● 35 HzAwakens and balances your mid-chakras.
● 38 HzReleases endorphins.

GAMMA Brain Waves [39+ Hz]

● 141.27 Hz Increases communication skills.
● 144  Hz
Reduces headaches.
174 HzHelps to accelerate the evolution of consciousness.
● 285  Hz
Expands consciousness & awareness.
● 396 HzIncreases strength, preparedness & liberation.
● 417 HzPromotes internal guidance, clear vision & power.
● 528 HzIncreases strength, peace, free will & guidance.
● 639  Hz Increases balance, health & tranquility.
● 741 HzEnables clear vision, self-empowerment, organization & free will.
● 852 HzPromotes a clear inner voice, guidance & purpose.
● 963  Hz
Promotes internal guidance.
39+ Hz – Increases mental activity & problem-solving skills.

Binaural beats [or tones] can be used to induce specific mental states.



● Earth and its societies are in trouble. With skewed morals and wrong priorities, we are stuck in a series of matrices that promote memorization over learning, money over family and sex over love. In order to unlock and hack these matrices, we must implement POSITIVE DEVIATIONS from the beaten path that we are expected to follow:

  • Live OFF THE GRID.
  • Utilize renewable power sources such as wind and solar energy.
  • REDUCE your usage of processed materials, REUSE them and then RECYCLE them.
  • Grow your own [organic] food instead of wasting money at the grocery story.

● Most of us are stuck in a never-ending cycle of debt. We take out loans in order to pay for a college education in order to get a job just to pay back those loans [if you’re lucky]. Don’t fall into this trap. We must end this cycle!

  • Don’t take out student loans.
  • Don’t use credit cards. If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it!
  • Buy second-hand items.
  • Trade and barter for things that you need.
  • If you absolutely HAVE to use a bank, use a local credit union instead of a big-name bank.
  • Shop locally at “mom-and-pop” stores instead of the mega-chains.
  • If you choose to invest, put your money in precious metals that will perpetually hold their value instead of gambling on the stock market.

● We are constantly under surveillance in today’s police state. We can take steps to actively reduce the government’s presence in our everyday lives:

● The old adage is true: “Knowledge is power.” Being informed about all of the matrices around you is vital if you hope to unlock and hack them.

  • Actually READ and become aware of the laws and ordinances that affect you, from the national level, all the way down to state and municipal.
  • Learn, comprehend and memorize your rights. Law enforcement will LIE to you and try their hardest to INTIMIDATE you. Knowing your rights can save your ass!
  • READ! Any and all knowledge that you can absorb may help you in the future. Math, science, philosophy, physics, religion, history, whatever! Just READ!!!

● The everyday life in society can be hectic. Take time to chill out and actually ENJOY LIVING!

  • Don’t put work and the quest for money before family and happiness.
  • Don’t work at a job that you hate. If you love your job, you’ll never have to work another day in your life.
  • Spend time with family and friends.

● Health is the best gift that you can give to yourself:

  • Exercise!
  • Eat a healthy diet.
  • Meditate! Your mental health is important as well.
  • Don’t take drugs (even pharmaceuticals). Let food be thy medicine! A healthy diet negates the need for pharmaceuticals and supplements.

● DEVIATE from what is expected of you in society:

  • Do volunteer work.
  • Pay it forward.
  • Follow your own spiritual path rather than subscribing to a cookie-cutter religion.

Nearly every nation on this planet is controlled by a cabal of evil, greedy bankers. From engineered wars and economic collapses to political lobbying and taxation blackmail, they have their shady tentacles in nearly EVERY aspect of our lives. We have to fight against them and not be complicit to their tactics! They have had their plans laid out for YEARS, and have contingency plan upon contingency plan in place. We mustn’t play into their hands!

  • Don’t pay [or even FILE)] income taxes. They are ILLEGAL to begin with! If you want a COMPLETE breakdown with references and sources, you can find it HERE.
  • NON-VIOLENT protest and resistance is a must. Eliciting a violent response in the face of tyranny only gives those in power a reason to further curtail your rights and civil liberties.
  • Become active in your local community’s political scene. Change starts at home!
  • Don’t vote for a major political party. All of their candidates are liars and shills who are controlled by lobbyists and bankers.

……….There are a myriad of ways to unlock and hack all of the matrices in your life. I hope that this compilation can point you in the right direction!

……….Stay conscious my friends

~ Merit Freeman




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