Are The Russians Hiding A Global SUPER WEAPON?


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……….An interesting 2011 interview featuring VLADAMIR ZHIRINOVSKY has recently surfaced. ZHIRINOVSKY is a Russian politician, political activist and Army Colonel. In the interview, ZHIRINOVSKY alludes to a secret weapon, which Russia possesses.

……….In the interview, ZHIRINOVSKY says:

“Washington has no future. That artificial state will collapse, then this old Europe will collapse; a continent with no importance whatsoever. China is also about to explode. And what remains is Russia, in possession of orbital launch capability and space power. Russia, with lots of money and resources and weapons, which NOBODY knows ANYTHING about … not yet. With these weapons, we will DESTROY any part of the planet within 15 minutes. No explosion. No ray burst. Not some kind of a laser. Not lightning. It is a calm and quiet weapon instead, with which whole continents will be put to sleep, forever. That’s all for now.”

……….This sounds similar to the U.S. Military’s HAARP [High Frequency Active Auroral Program] technology, which is capable of at-will, on-the-fly weather modification, including tsunamis, lightning storms, tornado and earthquake induction and even volcano activation. This technology is nothing new. NIKOLA TESLA created a machine that could induce earthquakes all the way back in 1886. Here is a TIMELINE of his technology and its utilization, which could have been the beginning of [if not a HUGE LEAP forward in already-ongoing] seismic and atmospheric modification.

CLICK image for more information.

^ CLICK image for more information on TESLA‘s “earthquake machine” ^

………..In the interview, the overzealous ZHIRINOVKSY also challenged Japan to proliferate their decades-old dispute regarding the Kuril Islands, threatened to wipe Georgia off the map and put the ENTIRE WORLD on notice [dude’s swinging some heavy brass here]:

“There was a tsunami in Japan, right? I say, if you want even the TINIEST Kuril Island from us, you will have to dig in the wreckage and debris of their buildings. And 120 million of you will ALL DIE! And that goes for the rest of the world, too. Everybody should start thinking about their own future and the future of everybody else. Are you still thinking about selling your Georgian wine to Russia now?! You want U.N. observers at the border? Do you want the world to forget the word “Georgia” completely?! It will be the Russian-Turkish border instead! Think about THAT, President SAKASHVILI! Then there will be ANOTHER tsunami on the OTHER side of the planet, in the Caucasus! That will be the end of you!”

[NOTE: There was no “tsunami” involved in the 3/11 disaster at Fukushima. This has been MORE than proven.]

So what is this SOVIET SUPER WEAPON?

……….It’s most likely multifaceted. HAARP‘s atmospheric technology is decades old [but still effective as all hell], so that has to be one angle of it. ZHIRIMOVSKY‘s mentioning of building being in the state of “wreckage and debris” leads me to believe that they are also focusing on the SEISMIC aspect of the weapons system.

……….Defected Soviet Army Officer STANISLAV LUNEV spoke of Russian-made devices which could simulate earthquakes by increasing the natural seismic waves of the Earth’s tectonic plates [this was in the late 1970‘s – early 1980‘s mind you, so who knows how much more advanced they are now]. He also said that at the time, Russia had over 100 undetectable spy satellites orbiting the globe. This sort of space-to-earth [or air-to-ground] technology ties in perfectly with what we know as far as HAARP technology’s operating procedures go.

……….The FULL REPORT is a good read. He speaks of advanced Russian technologies such as lasers, low-frequency radio wave weapons and backpack nukes, as well as a Soviet bunker underneath the Ural Mountains that is the size of the Washington D.C. Beltway and Russia’s long-term plans to destroy the U.S.

……….Russia has been known to delve into the “seismic arts.” In the 1970‘s, they executed the deepest [to-date] drilling into the Earth’s crust at 40,230 feet [7.62 miles]. They also have an underground nuclear Military base beneath the port city of Murmansk.

……….The [somewhat] smoking gun for the alluded-to weapons system appears to be Russia’s PROJECT MERCURY and PROJECT VULCAN.

“The theory was that underground nuclear explosions could trigger earthquakes far from the site of the original blast. Researchers speculated the destructive force released would be many times greater than the nuclear blast, that it could be directed toward any point on earth and that there was no way to guard against it.” ~ KAREN NAKAMURA

……….But the Soviets aren’t the only ones utilizing TECTONIC WEAPONS. New Zealand attempted to use bombs to create tsunamis during World War II under the banner of Project Seal. And in a joint international project entitled Induced Seismicity Due To Electromagnetic Impact Caused By Magnetohydrodynamic [MHD] Generator,” Japan, Russia and the United States joined forces to study the effects of inducing controlled electromagnetic pulses into the Earth’s crust.

CLICK image for more info.

^ CLICK image for more information ^

……….Russia has apparently revived [assuming it was ever shut down . . .] it’s Cold War-era Nuclear Missile Trains, a nationwide system of railways, equipped with thermo-nuclear weapons which can be launched at ANY moment.


……….Their Strategic Missile Forces are also a force with which to be reckoned. Capable of repelling and initiating lightning-fast nuclear and non-nuclear attacks, these weapons systems are manned by over 6,000 soldiers around the clock.








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