Listen To This Article In AUDIO FORM:

……….Capitalism will divide the masses into social classes [the Have’s and the Have-Not’s]: LOWER, MIDDLE and UPPER classes. Slowly, the middle class will be erased, leaving only the LOWER and the UPPER classes. While the upper class is a TINY portion of the population, they control the MAJORITY of the economy. The disparity and division between the [now] TWO classes eventually gets too extreme and reaches an apex where the lower class masses rise up and demand MORE from their government.

……….The government starts handing out vouchers, stipends and annuities to help make ends meet. Those that are capable of making it on their own without the help of the governmental aid will feel ripped off and taken advantage of, since their tax dollars are feeding other people whom they think don’t deserve THEIR money that THEY worked for. This creates another DIVISION between the LOWER and the [NEW] MIDDLE class that were once united. After enough griping from the masses, the government will “APPEASE” them, making “everyone equal.” Put ALL of the commodities onto ONE plate and EVERY citizen gets the SAME SLICE. Now everyone feels that they’ve been treated fairly…


……….All the while, those in the upper class have never budged even an INCH from their easy chairs. They didn’t have to MARCH or PROTEST. They never had to be on the short end of the stick. They’ve been making deals and signing contracts. And now everyone of the masses will be living in a Corporate Fascist Oligarchy, having to DEPEND on the [now] ONE ruling class of the ELITE [i.e. The “Government”] to supply their every need. We are then living in a POLICE STATE.

……….Then the people eventually get tired of being controlled and band together to overthrow the government. Then they can start their OWN form of government and WATCH THIS ENTIRE PROCESS REPEAT ITSELF!

……….If we want to change the world, we must start from WITHIN. Once you change YOURSELF, YOUR whole world will CHANGE. Stay consciosus my friends.







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