Was Flight MH370 Used In Multinational War Games?


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……….There has been a plethora of theories regarding the events surrounding the “disappearance” of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 on March 8th, 2014. An interesting  new  theory brought to light by MATTHIAS CHANG [author and former Political Secretary to the Fourth Prime Minister of Malaysia] and LEUREN MORET [Geo-Scientist] has many buzzing about [even FURTHER] possible multinational governmental involvement in the case.

……….They believe that MH370 was used as part of a war games exercise in the multinational joint military exercises COBRA GOLD and COPE TIGER.”

……….The 2014 rendition of COBRA GOLD was a series of joint multinational war games exercises that were held in Thailand and spanned a large portion of the Indian and Pacific Oceans and the Asia-Pacific region. Participating countries included: Thailand, United States, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma and China. The exercises included joint naval, aerial and land-based live-fire drills. The “official” duration of the war games was February 11th, 2014 through February 21st, 2014.

……….Following COBRA GOLD was Exercise COPE TIGER,” an annual, U.S.-led multinational combined military exercise involving the Air and Naval Forces of the United States, Thailand and Singapore. The exercises were designed to enhance readiness and interoperability and to reinforce the United States’ commitment to the Asia-Pacific region. COPE TIGER was enacted in two distinct phases:

► PHASE ONE involved COMMAND POST exercises which were held at the Multinational Operations and Exercise Center at the Changi Naval Base, lasting from December 10th through December 12th of 2013.

► PHASE TWO was an AERIAL training exercise which was conducted at Korat Air Base in Thailand, lasting from March 10th through March 21st of 2014.

……….CHANG and MORET believe that MH370 was shot down in order to train the troops in how to rescue patrons from a downed plane, as well as to test and show off new offensive military armaments and technologies. Are they right? Well, the U.S. Navy DID announce that they would be unveiling their first DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON [a.k.a. LASER] in the summer of 2014, aboard the USS PONCE. Was the USS Ponce in the Asia-Pacific area during the time of MH370‘s flight? I can’t say. The only U.S. ship that has been divulged as to have taken part in ANY of the aforementioned exercises is the USS DENVER. BUT, the USS Ponce has been retrofitted to be a Forward Staging Base for the U.S. Navy‘s Central Command [i.e. their LITERAL flagship]. So would the U.S. Navy let their PREMIER warship attend an exercise which is designed to show off their military prowess? I would most definitely think so.

……….I believe that this could be one of the MANY facets that glimmer when we gaze upon the saga of Flight MH370. It is clear that there were NUMEROUS reasons and agendas behind the plane’s “disappearance.” This is just another dot that can be connected in hopes of figuring out the whole situation.

……….Is their theory out of the realm of possibilities? Most definitely NOT. WAR GAMES,” “TRAINING EXERCISES and DRILLS go hand-in-hand with ACTUAL disasters. MILITARY TRAINING EXERCISES were going on during 9/11, the July 2005 London bombings, the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing hoax, the Oklahoma City bombing and NUMEROUS others INCIDENTS.”

……….Are these simply COINCIDENCES? Of course not. Are the militaries of the world staging “DRILLS” and making them GO LIVE in order to help facilitate their agenda? YES, they are, and they have been doing so for DECADES.

……….FALSE FLAG is the name of the game. The citizens are the pawns. The stakes? Our FREEDOMS and CIVIL LIBERTIES. Not sure about you, but I’m more than tired of this game. Stay conscious my friends.


~ Merit Freeman

PERMALINK: https://ConsciousAwarenessForAll.WordPress.com/2014/04/19/MH370-Multinational-War-Games

DOWNLOAD AS PDF: https://archive.org/download/ConsciousAwareness_Mail_PDF_20180414_0218/PDF.pdf


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