WRONGFULLY ACCUSED: The Story Of Justin Jasper


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……….The true story of the young political activist known as JUSTIN MILES JASPER has been ALL but lost in the media. Truth and facts have taken a back seat to sensationalist headlines and over-the-top soundbites. This miscarriage of justice is replete with trumped-up FALSE allegations and the wrongful imprisonment of an INNOCENT young man. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with his story or may have been recipients of the media’s disinformation, I would like to take this opportunity to set the record straight and bring to light the TRUE FACTS of the case, in hopes of setting free this COMPLETELY INNOCENT young man and returning to him his FREEDOM!

……….JUSTIN JASPER is a young free-thinker and aspiring journalist from Las Vegas, Nevada. In February of 2013, he contacted the MAHAMEVNAWA MEDITATION MONASTARY in Tampa, Florida in hopes of visiting there and possibly taking a vow of Buddhism [JASPER has been interested in Buddhism since his teenage years and in martial arts since he was a young child]. After speaking with both LENNART and BHANTE SADDHASARA at the monastery and receiving word that they were willing to accept him, JASPER set about looking for transportation to Tampa.

……….JASPER had a small budget with which to work, so he posted a ride-share ad on a local CraigsList website in hopes of finding cheap transportation. A 46-year-old long-haul truck driver from Butte, Montana named ERIK HENDERSON responded to the ad, offering to take him as far as Salt Lake City, Utah. JASPER agreed and was subsequently dropped off in Salt Lake City. The two retained each others contact information after they parted ways, with HENDERSON occasionally contacting JASPER in the interim. HENDERSON even offered him a bus ticket and a place to stay, should JASPER ever want to visit Montana.

……….JASPER placed another ride-share ad on CraigsList in hopes of getting a ride out of Salt Lake City to Tampa, Florida, but it was to no avail. On May 13th, 2013, JASPER took HENDERSON up on his offer, which equated to HENDERSON buying him a bus ticket to Montana. JASPER arrived at HENDERSONs Butte, Montana home and stayed there from May 13th through June 25th, 2013. While in Montana, JASPER received assistance from HENDERSON in obtaining a drivers license. As their friendship matured, HENDERSON granted JASPER full use of his home and his vehicle while HENDERSON periodically left the state to pick up and drop off loads for work, as he often did.

……….During the last week of June, 2013, JASPER borrowed HENDERSONs pickup truck and traveled to Seattle, Washington to attend a protest against California’s Proposition 8 [The Defense Of Marriage Act], as well as to try to meet up with an old girlfriend. It is unclear whether or not HENDERSON had originally planned to go on the trip as well, as he had been working out of the state for almost 2 weeks at that point and communication between himself and JASPER was intermittent. Both initially agreed that JASPER had HENDERSON’s permission to use the truck, but HENDERSON later CHANGED his story, saying that he DIDN’T give JUSTIN permission. He later changed his story AGAIN, saying that JASPER DID have his permission [anyone else starting to see a PATTERN here?].

……….Not much is known about ERIK HENDERSON [if that’s even his REAL name]. He is a homosexual, African American male in his late 40s. It was revealed that he had been trafficking narcotics across state lines. It is believed that he attempted to enlist JASPER in his illegal activities, but JUSTIN refused. It is [MORE THAN] possible that HENDERSON was either part of a sting operation or had ties to corrupt law enforcement officers, as it was later revealed that one of the FBI agents who later arrested JASPER in Washington was part of ERIKs narcotics trafficking ring. HENDERSON also claimed that he and JASPER were “romantically involved,” which is an outright lie according to JASPER, his family and his friends.

……….Following the protest in California, JASPER ran out of money and resorted to sleeping in the truck. Out of food and fuel, he emailed HENDERSON. Explaining his situation, he asked HENDERSON to wire him some money for gas so that he could return [with the truck] to Montana. JASPER parked the pickup on a local college campus to sleep while he waited for HENDERSON to respond. Whilst sleeping, JASPER was approached and questioned by police officers. He was cooperative and explained to them that he didn’t have the funds to rent a room in a motel and that the truck belonged to his friend, ERIK HENDERSON. The police ran JASPERs drivers license and vehicle registration information through their system and when it came back clean, the police left.

……….Upon returning home to Montana, HENDERSON apparently grew weary of JASPER driving his vehicle and, for reasons known only to himself, reported the truck to the authorities as having been stolen. Authorities in Washington quickly located and arrested JASPER. In the truck were the belongings of HENDERSON and his boyfriend [a Park Ranger and avid hunter]: a shotgun, deer rifle, body armor and a machete. JASPER says that the items were already in the truck BEFORE he left for Seattle. HENDERSON initially agreed with this, but later changed his story and claimed that JASPER took the items from his closet and put them in the truck himself [more LIES].

……….Also in the truck were JASPERs personal belongings: maps of Seattle that were given to him by a local cafe owner [since he had never been there before and didn’t know his way around, the maps helped him to navigate], 6 small bottles of gasoline that he planned to use to fuel the truck [which he filled using money that was given to him by the cafe owner], 1 or 2 small knives that he almost ALWAYS had on him [using them for utilitarian purposes] and his USB thumb drives and  PERSONAL journals which, if they were anything like the NUMEROUS other journals that he’d filled over the years, would most likely have contained miscellaneous entries regarding JASPERs opinions on current events, politics and wars, comparisons of religions, lyrics to songs, poems and spoken word pieces, notes regarding his research of holistic health and cheat codes for various video games that JASPER enjoyed playing. NO ammunition was found in the vehicle and ALL of the fingerprints that were lifted from HENDERSON and his boyfriend’s items [the firearms, machete and body armor] came back INCONCLUSIVE [i.e. could NOT be linked to JASPER].

………..JASPER was arrested and charged with being in possession of a stolen vehicle, as well as all of its contents. He was very understanding of the situation and fully cooperated with the arresting officers. During JASPER’s time in Washington State custody, HENDERSON maintained that JASPER DID NOT have his permission to borrow the pickup truck. HENDERSON was probably worried that his insurance company might find out that an UNINSURED driver was operating one of his vehicles, which was most likely under the SAME insurance policy as his BIG RIG [for which he used to earn his income] and that they might drop his policy or raise his rates. HENDERSON was also most likely weary of law enforcement involvement due to his ILLEGAL DRUG TRAFFICKING, however, he REFUSED to press ANY charges against JASPER [and STILL refuses to do so to this day]. So with no charges, the state of Washington freed JASPER on the morning of July 10th, 2013.

……….Within 24 hours of his release, FEDERAL authorities [FBI] swooped in and arrested JASPER, charging him with the possession of 6 “incendiary devices” [they erroneously alleged the bottles of fuel in the truck to be “Molotov Cocktails”]. One of the arresting FBI officers was one of HENDERSONs DRUG TRAFFICKING PARTNERS. At the urging of Senior Deputy Prosecutor ANDREW HAMILTON, King County Superior Court Judge ARTHUR R. CHAPMAN set JASPERs bail at $2 MILLION, calling the 22-year-old a “flight risk” and a “threat to the community” [citing the contents of the truck and the political references in his journals as “evidence” of some made-up, nefarious plot]. Even whilst citing JASPERs journals as “evidence,” the Prosecution STILL, to this VERY FUCKING DAY, REFUSES to share the journals with JASPERs Defense team or his family. If THAT fact alone doesn’t set off your [ BULLSHIT ] alarm, I’d implore you to have it checked.

……….It is believed that HENDERSON may have been working for or with the FBI, targeting internet activists and trying to enlist them to traffic narcotics in attempts to have them arrested. Setting up young “do-gooders” to take the fall for the FBI in order to proliferate the War On Drugs.HENDERSON is purportedly a former “convoy contractor” who worked in Iraq.

……….NUMEROUS and ONGOING attempts by JASPERs family to contact him have either been HINDERED or outright IGNORED by the federal agents who are working the case. He has been kept in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT since DAY ONE, and his correspondence with the outside world has been all but SHUT OFF, as only TWO of the MIRIAD of letters that have been sent to him have actually reached their final destination. Also, not a SINGLE one of his OUTGOING letters have seen the light of day. He has been allowed NO phone calls and not been allowed to spend ANY of the money that has been sent to him and put on his account. Federal prosecutors and authorities outright REFUSE to cooperate and communicate with JUSTIN’s family, even though EVERY word that JUSTIN has told them has checked out to be 100% TRUE. Whenever a friend or family member tries to visit JASPER, he is put on “SUICIDE WATCH,” so as to thwart the visit.

……….JASPERs mother was FINALLY allowed to speak to her son via closed-circuit TV [a visit in which JASPER was closely monitored by attorneys and guards]. He had 2 black eyes, bruises, bumps and knots on his face and head and was missing teeth. He said that the prison guards CONSTANTLY beat him up, HARASS him and DEPRIVE him of food and water. The prison claims that JUSTIN is schizophrenic,is making up all of the claims and is actually beating HIMSELF up! They use these false claims as an excuse to keep him HEAVILY MEDICATED and threaten to increase his sentence every time he refuses to take the powerful psychiatric medications that they force on him.

……….HENDERSON initially remained in contact with the courts in attempts to clarify the charges that were brought against JASPER, as they are INCONGRUENT WITH THE REALITY of the matter, but has since STOPPED cooperating. HENDERSONs LIES and inconsistent stories have come to light [being brought DIRECTLY to the attention of the Judge, Prosecution and Defense], but NOTHING has been done about it. NO charges have been brought against him and not a SINGLE finger has been lifted or motion filed by JUSTINs council in attempt to help FREE the falsely-imprisoned young man.

………..The official charges against JASPER have CHANGED SEVERAL times and NUMEROUS different plea deals have been presented to him. Unfortunately, he had NO unbiased council during ANY part of his trial or incarceration. Under the influence of powerful psychiatric drugs that were forced upon him, JASPER was coerced into signing a plea deal. The details are not 100% clear, but we CAN confirm that the plea forced him to admit guilt to 3 FELONIES, suggested a 3-year prison sentence [the length of which is ACTUALLY left up to the Judge’s discretion], forced him to waive his right to a trial, to appeal or to file charges against ANY of the parties involved in the case and gives the U.S. government the authority to conduct [DANGEROUS!] pharmaceutical drug trials on him during his incarceration. When asked by his mother about signing the plea deal, JASPER said that he had absolutely NO recollection of it.

……….JUSTIN was transferred to the FCI Sheridan medium-security correctional institution in Sheridan, Oregon sometime in late 2014 / early 2015. Per the United States Bureau of Prisons, his release date was scheduled for March 31st, 2016.

……….His release date came and passed and JUSTIN is still incarcerated. They moved him to FMC Rochester, a prison in Minnesota that houses inmates with mental health needs.

……….The FBI even admitted they knew that JASPER never intended to use any of the weapons or “explosives,” yet they refuse to release him.

………..JUSTIN has now been wrongfully incarcerated for over 4 years. All guilty parties in this miscarriage of justice refuse to take responsibility for their actions and the Bureau Of Prisons has now petitioned the court to hand over custody of JASPER to the government, rather than returning him to his family.

………Sources confirm that JUSTIN is forcefully injected with muscle relaxers, fed psych meds and that guards wake him up every hour on the hour, to the point that he doesn’t even know what month or year it is.

……….I urge you, PLEASE, SHARE this story! POST it on your wall and SEND it to your friends and family! Visit the website that has been set up on his behalf and SIGN his PETITION for freedom! Use the hash tag #FreeJustinJasper in your posts! Imagine if this were YOU or YOUR BROTHER, SON, FATHER or UNCLE! PLEASE HELP to bring some AWARENESS to JUSTIN JASPERs case so that we can SET HIM FREE!

……….His family has set up a LEGAL DEFENSE FUND for him, which can be donated to via PayPal. If you want to write to JUSTIN in hopes of reaching him personally, his address is:

Justin Miles Jasper #43322-086
P.O. BOX 4000
Rochester, MN 55903

……….Here is the official contact information for FMC Rochester:

PHONE: 507-287-0674
FAX: 507-424-7600
EMAIL: RCH/ExecAssistant@BOP.gov

……….This is a GRAVE miscarriage of justice. This young man; a free-thinker, political activist and aspiring writer and reporter has been INCARCERATED for YEARS on trumped-up, FALSE charges. He is being made out to be some sort of “lone wolf, domestic terrorist” by the media, when he is, in fact, the EXACT OPPOSITE! PLEASE help to FREE JUSTIN JASPER and give him back his life!


[NOTE: This case is ongoing. Due to legal and confidentiality concerns, only publicly available sources have been cited.]

JUSTIN JASPER‘S Social Media Accounts:


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► Linked In

……….Stay conscious my friends.



PERMALINK: https://ConsciousAwarenessForAll.WordPress.com/2014/04/19/Justin-Jasper

DOWNLOAD AS PDF: https://archive.org/download/ConsciousAwareness_Mail_PDF_20180419/PDF.pdf


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