*** UPDATE: October 15th, 2018 ***

My hard drive crashed this past week. Still no luck getting it to boot. Looks like it needs to be replaced. I lost a ton of work and media. I was still playing catch-up from the last crash. Hang in there with me!

Stay conscious my friends.

~ Merit Freeman


*** UPDATE: September 11th, 2018 ***

……….Archive.org deleted my account, AGAIN, so I have to create ANOTHER new one.  I also have to scour this site to find the file that caused them to delete my profile so that I can re-upload it [fuck censorship].

……….I am still in the process of checking all of the original articles and reformatting them so that there are no dead links in them.

……….The DOCUMENT LIBRARY is fixed up through “Jews & Judaism.”

……….Today is 9/11. ThePowersThatBe are using HAARP [and other similar weather modification tools] to create hurricanes so that people will focus on those, instead of the atrocities that occurred 17 years ago.

……….Stay conscious my friends.

~ Merit Freeman

Project HODOR: DHS To Hold Chemical/Biological Weapons Attack Drill Near Oklahoma/Kansas Border

Listen To This Article In AUDIO FORM:

……….Under the banner of Project HODOR [Hazards Of Dynamic Outdoor Release], the United States Department Of Homeland Security [DHS] will be holding drills simulating a chemical & biological weapons attack near the Oklahoma / Kansas border during January – February and June – July 2018.

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